Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I take tests very seriously because to me, grades come first. I am not naturally smart which makes it hard for me to remember facts and details I need to know for tests and quizzes. This has made me master the way of preparing for a test. Personally I have found that starting as far ahead of time as possible, to be helpful in remembering all that I need by not overwhelming my brain. Cramming all of the information in a week before the test does not help me and increases my stress. Terms I find challenging after some studying, I make a quizlet of the information and study through that since they have quizzes I can take to help me remember. I also write down facts or terms I need to remember on sticky notes in blue ink and stick the notes around my house or room so when I go by it I have to read it. This is very helpful since sometimes I need extra practice in order to remember things that do not stick in my mind. I use blue ink pens for all of my notes because it is proven to help you remember it better since everything you read is in black ink. I write the term or definition on the front of each sticky note and write the answer on the other side so I just lift it to see if I was right or not. When I finally get all the terms remembered I do not take them down until after the test is over so that I remember to continuously study. The most important test preparation practice that has made me become the most successful would be to maintain a good sleep and eat schedule. I try to make a sleep schedule so that I get at least nine hours of sleep. I also try to eat three full meals a day. I try my best to use recommendations from MyPlate so that I know I am fueling my body right. I have had to do many trial and errors in order to know what test preparations are right for me but luckily I have succeeded. I use these prestigious test preparations in order to be thriving in my classes. I plan on using these methods as I continue to further my education and become successful.

Amanda from New York
High School Senior
Frewsburg Central School