Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When I am preparing for a test, my go to way to prepare is flashcards. This has been beneficial to me throughout my years of schooling. Flashcards are a way to repeat the information that you need to learn and know for a test, which is why they help me so much. The repetition helps me to remember the information. However, there is another aspect to using flashcards that helps me to retain the information as I am studying, and that is simply the fact that I am able to rewrite the information. Writing out the flash cards not only forces me to read the information that I need to know, but it also makes me write the information again. This helps me really grasp the information, and is another form of repetition in my eyes. Going along the lines of repetition, when I was studying the muscles of the body and had to know three specific things about each of them, I rewrote them over and over again. I started with one and wrote that one down looking at the information that I was given, and then I would write it down on my own without looking at the information. I usually have six to ten muscles to remember at a time. I would start with one and work my way up to being able to rewrite all of them on my own. Overall, I feel that personally, using repetition through flashcards and rewriting information has been a beneficial way for me to prepare for exams. In addition to creating flashcards, I have found it beneficial to study with others. It is helpful to have someone "quiz" me with my flashcards. When someone else is helping me study using my flashcards, they sometimes help me to create ways to remember certain topics/concepts that I am having a harder time understanding. I have also found that it is helpful to study with those in my class. We use flashcards, or we just quiz each other. Either way, we can explain topics to each other. Which, in turn, benefits me because while I am explaining something to them, I am also relearning the information myself.

Mariah from Pennsylvania
High School Senior
York County School of Technology