Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The way I prepare for tests already begins within the classroom. I think it is really important to take notes and copy down some practice problems to review later. Some really important steps to prepares for a test is to also take advantage of any material your teacher gives you, such as practice test and optional review problems- doing these can only help better prepare for a test and hone one's school. The days before a test, I review every note taken based on the subject, and if allowed, create and write down important formulas or notes for use on the day of the test. As I have been told many times by teachers, writing down practice problems or formulas will help a student remember it. In addition to reviewing all of the notes, one can test prepare through online games like Quizlet or Kahoot; this makes the information have an easier access and explanation while also having fun. I believe playing these educational games gives a positive mindset and confidence. Lastly, the most important test preparation is to have a good night's sleep. I find it easier to be more confident and prepared for a test with a good night's sleep compared to using the nighttime for last-minute cramming. It is important to rest and to refresh the brain in order to feel confident, positive and prepared for the test on the next day.

Crisol from California
High School Senior
Adrian C Wilcox High School