Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

¨Practice makes perfect¨, a saying we hear daily if not multiple times a day. While practice does help, only perfect practice makes perfect. It is important when trying to achieve anything to make sure you are practicing the right way. Studying helps to achieve grades students are proud of, but only if the test prep is done in an effective way. There is scientific proof that retaining information comes from repetition. You can not expect to remember a wide variety of material if you only look at the information one or two times. When studying for a test, repeating the given material is my best friend. From making flash cards by hand or rewriting information, I notice a vast difference in my test scores when practicing a form of repetition. Repeating the correct information a multitude of times engraves the information in my mind for easy access when taking a test. When studying for a math test, the only way to be confident in solving a problem is to do similar problems over and over. Effectively studying for a vocabulary test is repeatedly testing yourself with the words and matching definitions. Studying comes in millions of ways, but the only way to ensure you are retaining information for your test is to practice repetition.

Prestynn from Texas
High School Senior
Royse City High School