Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

During a class or lecture, I will often write my notes as fast as possible and won't remember all of the criteria. The week before test, I will rewrite my notes and create a quiz from my notes. I normally memorize what was written and have my parents or friend quiz me on the information. I keep practicing until I get it all of the questions right. Sometimes I will even change the way my notes are worded so that it challenges me to actually think about what I had learned. Because of this "testing" style of studying, I have gotten higher scores on a majority of my tests. To me, it is important that I actually understand my curriculum and not just memorize notes or Quizlets given by teachers. That's why I'll change how the questions will be worded in my studying. I have been applying this method for studying since I was in the first grade, and it has gotten me far in my academic career.

Katelyn from Oklahoma
High School Senior
Southmoore High School