Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

As a pre-nursing student, a lot of my classes require memorization of terms and processes as well as labeling (anatomy, microbiology, etc.). I personally believe test preparation starts before the lecture even begins. Before class, I will skim the section of my textbook that we are going over as well as any additional material provided (PowerPoints, workbooks, etc.). During class, I take notes. My goal here is to just get down as much information as possible. After class, I re-write my notes and begin to make flashcards based on terms and topics that I think are important from my notes. I will then add flashcards that have any additional information from the textbook. When studying, I have several methods that I use together. I divide flashcards into things I know pretty well, things I kind of know, and things I do not know at all. I can quiz myself this way and decide what material needs more attention. I will also make my own study guide. When it comes to labeling, I like to print out blank worksheets to label and quiz myself with. I also use a big whiteboard and many different colors of markers to draw everything out and label again. Together, these methods help me the best when preparing for a test!

Jessie from Kansas
College Sophomore
Baker University