Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My favorite test preparation practices are making handwritten notes in multiple forms. I believe that I learn best when I take as many notes as I can, so I take notes from textbook readings, from my lectures, and external sources are given by my professors. I make sure that my notes are clear to read, clean, and color-coded to make sure that it is all in order. I then use those notes when it is exam time to compile a new set of notes with only important and relevant information for that specific exam to study from, this way has made it impossible for me to cram for exams. This excessive way of taking notes allows me to absorb the information given to me better, I know this by testing other forms of studying and this is the form that worked best. I am always absorbing and reabsorbing the information that I have learned which in turn allows me to be best prepared for my exams.

Ramona from Massachusetts
College Junior
Wentworth Institute of Technology