Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

For me, the first step of test preparation includes planning a schedule of broad topics to study. I then break the topics down into subcategories. I make sure to prioritize the most challenging topics first and tackle those using concept maps, which help to clarify how the material is connected to other topics and details. The use of concept maps has helped me to solidify my general understanding before really delving into each topic. Then after I look over my notes, I utilize flashcards with questions instead of terms to really test my knowledge not just recognition. These forms of preparation have been the most useful for me since they improve both my overall and critical understanding of what is going to be tested. I always make sure to prepare interactively, meaning I ask someone to quiz me or I "teach" someone with little to no background of the material. I have found this beneficial because it helps me feel confident that I can thoroughly break down the information and recall it for the exam.

Iqra from Michigan
College Junior
Eastern Michigan University