Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My whole life I have had a naturally tendency to be my own person. I always like to figure things out for myself or see problems in a new light, despite the answer being handed to me. Whether it has something to do with being unconditionally stubborn or subconsciously attempting to innovate, I always find my own habits.

This urge to create seeps into different areas of my academic life. It allows me to take a mundane class such as calculus and mold it to my needs in regards to studying material. I put on soft music that is very lyrically thought out, in order to make me think while following an assembly line process to get to an indisputable answer. While my eyes stay fixed to the problem at hand, my mind simultaneously wanders. It weaves around the current political climate, street artists, and other topics that have infinite branches to explore.

Once it comes to test day, my mind lines equations up with these segregated topics. As I break down my stance and thought process on these topics, each step reminds me of the next piece of the equation. I surely but slowly run through the entire test as I recollect my thoughts from the previous night’s one way debate.

Jack from Virginia
High School Senior
Freedom High School