Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Studying has always been something I’ve struggled to find motivation for because I feel as if I can’t retain information. I’ve tired everything, highlighting, flashcards, writing vocabulary out over and over. Nothing seemed to fit my style, but I kept pushing forward to find the best way for me to prepare for exams, then one day it clicked! In the study rooms at my university they have whiteboards. I sat down one evening and told myself not to leave until I knew the material. I pulled out my colored markers and wrote on the board. Being able to write on the white board was the study style I needed. If I got something wrong it was one quick swipe and I could correct it, I had so much space to write terms out in different ways, so I knew it from every perspective. I have enough room to solve my math equations, with out the feeling of regret if I messed up. I sat in front of the white board until I could write everything out with out looking at my notes. I had it colored coded by chapter, so I could see where everything laid out and organized. For me when I studied on paper, I felt forced to get everything right, but one the white board, I didn’t feel forced, I knew I could correct my mistakes. That’s a huge part of studying, getting things wrong so you can learn from it. I could go back after I completed the problem and then correct myself, instead of looking at my notes as I go. I felt more challenged by putting my notes down, it forced me to understand more. By being able to understand, I began to remember.

Michaela from New York
College Sophomore
University at Albany