Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I am a math and science whiz. I love solving problems. But put me in front of a book with chapters and chapters and chapters of material, and I tend to zone out. Quickly. It is easy to get overwhelmed with so much information – so many words. Give me numbers any day. Since that isn’t always an option, I have had to develop a set of skills to help me prepare for reading material heavy tests.
First, I try to figure out what I am supposed to learn from this material. What’s the big idea behind it and what are the couple of smaller, but important concepts? I write them down old school style so I know what I am supposed to know. Once I get the bare bones down, I expand my notes and outline the whole chapter.
I grab some notecards and use those for vocabulary. I am a visual learner and having flash cards with information in short bites is more manageable for me. It has been understood since the 1950’s that most people learn better that way, explained Psychology Today, in an article titled “Eight Ways to Remember Anything.” I also put my outline on flash cards, creating a “mental memory tree,” where I can focus on remembering the big branches first, and then the smaller branches and then the leaves.

Drew from Indiana
High School Senior
Plainfield HS