Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When I am preparing to take a test, my go-to test strategy is to use the Quizlet app. I usually make myself a set of flashcards, look up sets made by other students, or use sets that my teacher created for my class. After choosing the set I would like to study, I usually start off using the "learn" feature so that I familiarize myself with the material. When I feel that I am ready, I take the test and start off by making the answers to the test multiple choice and true or false. I take the test multiple times until I get a perfect score. After getting a 100% numerous times, I change the settings so that I would have to write out the answers and then take the test again numerous times until I get a perfect score.
This method helps me because Quizlet is very convenient for me and is easy to take on-the-go. Using this app allows for me to have access to my study materials at any time and any place. Also, it allows you to customize some features to suit your needs. I am able to select those concepts I am struggling with so that I can go back and study those select few only, without having to review everything when it may not be necessary. In addition to the customized features, Quizlet allows for you to see the information more than once. The more I see and review the information, the more likely I am to remember it for my tests.
Because of Quizlet, I have received an A on almost all of my tests and quizzes. I would definitely recommend this app to other students because I believe that it is a very helpful and easy method that anyone can use.

Gianna from Connecticut
High School Senior
New London High School