Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

It wasn’t until I was met with the adversity that college classes handed to me that I started to look for more effective ways to study. We all grow up hearing “work smarter not harder”. I personally did not believe in this quote because my parents raised me to work hard for everything that I earn. However, in a capitalist society like ours, it is quite essential to learn how to work in an efficient and effective way. Before the adversity of college classes I would read and write my notes over and over again. This was a time consuming process and in my experience it was not very effective. Now, I have a 3 part system called simplify, chunk, and code. When I am met with any material I try to grab parts of relevant information and put it in my own words. Often I will also give the information a new meaning. For example, if I am reading my anatomy textbook and learning about the blood I will group all of the functions of the blood together and put it in my own words. Often times I will use Spanish, my second language, to jog my memory about this significant information. For clarification, I would say sangre (blood) has cinco (five) functions. Both sangre and cinco begin with the same sound. Thus when I think of blood I will remember it has 5 main functions based on my simplify, chunk, and code technique.

Daisy from Nevada
High School Senior
East Career and Technical Academy