Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I believe that knowing the test strategies that work for you is extremely important in succeeding in your classes. One of the few test strategies that I have is creating a left side for my notes and this left-side would be a simplified version of my class notes. On my left side, I would write about the most important details & draw diagrams related to the content on my notes. This was an easier way for me to study because it allowed me to study all the information in an organized & simpler way. Having everything organized in a separate sheet of paper rather than just studying from my class notes allowed me to remember the material more efficiently. Furthermore, adding questions and a summary to your notes is also an efficient way to study for me because I can absorb the information more quickly than taking traditional notes. Another testing strategy that works for me especially in science classes is taking a clear sheet protector and placing it over a diagram. In this way, I am able to label different parts of the diagram over and over again. This strategy works for me because I can retrieve and recall the information rather than just studying from a diagram. Personally, math classes are the classes I struggle with the most and therefore it was harder for me to find a method to study for math class. Eventually, I found the best way for me to study was to practice a bunch of review problems a couple of days before the exam. In this way when it came to taking the actual exam I was able to remember the steps to the problem.

Karen from Arizona
High School Senior
Agua Fria High School