Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Different people learn in different ways. Different people view the process of test-taking in different ways. Finding what works for you is not always easy! Being a highly visual learner with ADHD is not easy to overcome, because it's hard to be engaged with something you're meant to just stare at. My solution? Become the teacher! Instead of trying to sit still and watch dozens of hours of material being covered, I pick one good educator to learn from. Then, armed with however much or little I know, I find a willing test subject to try and teach the content to by conversation. We ask educated questions and give educated responses to the best of our knowledge. If we come up with a gap, we write it down to learn from later. My study partner is always thrilled to undertake such an involved method of studying. Using our own words and feelings to casually discuss a topic makes it feel like less of an obligation and more of a vested interest in a worldly application of knowledge. Truly grasping a subject, I feel, is best mastered by becoming intimate with the knowledge, rather than feeling burdened by the way that education generally treats tests as the final destination of information rather than our brains.

Eva from Georgia
College Sophomore
Kennesaw State University