Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

You truly have to find your own unique practices in preparing for tests and studying. I know my techniques would not work for everyone. After 10 years of having to study, because Spelling Bee's started in second grade, I have found what works best for me.
I am an athlete and used to exerting a lot of physical activity every day. When I come home after school, it's typically around 7:00 pm unless I have games in which it is closer to 9:00 pm. That may not seem like much time to study, unless you have a system. I am blessed to have a mom that cooks my meals and has food prepared for me. If I am at a game, she has brought along a sandwich, fruit, drink and I cross my fingers for a small sugary snack too. This allows me to not have to prep food and just shovel it in to get to my studying.
I am what most people call, a disgustingly sweaty athlete. So after drenching my practice clothes and eating, I shower. This girl cannot be sticking to her clothes while trying to focus on her studies. Once fed and cleaned, I listen to music to block out other distractions. Some people call them siblings. I shut my door, have music in the background, light a candle and perhaps the strangest thing, I must have my bare feet on bubble wrap. Not just any plastic sheet with ever tempting bubbles, they must be the large bubbles. As my brain is ingesting vocabulary, history dates, foreign language, my toes are carefully massaging pockets of air that are screaming to be popped.
You are dying to know if I pop them, correct? Only 3 a night actually. Once after I feel I have absorbed whatever the hardest lesson was, the second after all my studies are done and I take a deep breath thankful to get rest in the near future and lastly, after my evening prayers. I thank God for the fact that I am healthy and talented enough to be a 3 sport athlete, my family that fed me, worked so we can afford a shower every night and a home with a room of my own for privacy. And for bubble wrap.

Taylor from Wisconsin
High School Senior
Parkview High School