Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The best test preparations that I do before an exam are these: I study every night for at least 2 hour. I do it before I go to bed because if I don't get something and I'm stuck, if you sleep it off your mind helps figure it out by itself and then once you get back to it the next day you will know what is wrong and work from there. Studying 1-3 hours a day is a good amount. If you study more than that all you are doing is just fitting information through your eyes and out the back of your head. This is important because the 1-3 hours that you study you are taking in the information that you need to be able to pass the test. I also do not study the day before the test. This is because the information that you gather the night before will crowd your short term memory with last minute info that will interfere with long term memory. I have come to see this is true because every time that I try to study the night before I actually forget more things than I did the previous night. Once I am done studying for the night I have requested to eat spaghetti and bread with fresh fruits/vegetables. Given all the good carbohydrates and the fruits and vegetables will give you energy that you need for the test you have the following day. Usually what I eat for breakfast are scrambled eggs, oatmeal, and a glass of orange juice. These foods release energy slowly and I want that because it's much better to have energy throughout the test than to have a really good hour of you working through everything and eventually getting tired not finishing the test. When I go into the class to take the test I bury my feet to the ground so that my legs are at a 90 degree angle so that I could have more blood circulation through my brain. I then inhale through my nose 5 times and exhale through my mouth 5 times as well. This calms me down and makes it less stressful. I then pop a piece of gum in my mouth while taking a taste because chewing gum reduces cortisol (Stress hormones) levels.

Alfredo from Colorado
High School Senior
Thomas Jefferson High School