Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

As both a high school and college student, test preparation is highly important to me. ACT and SAT scores can be the deciding factor in college acceptance. One single exam in a class can mean the difference between an A and a B.
Over the years, I’ve picked up some helpful techniques. I find flashcards to be of great use for learning vocabulary, but not other stuff. Vocabulary is something you can memorize and practice over and over, but more analytical questions require a different approach.
When I need to learn the “why” of a scenario like for history, note-taking seems to be the best practice for me. I can read something, take notes that I feel are important and make it easier to understand, and then I can analyze my own notes in a way that makes sense to me. When taking notes, using colored pens or highlighters to differentiate certain statements always helps. I think my brain is more visual, so bright colors help me organize my thoughts.
Another of my favorite test preparation practices is something I started doing my sophomore year. I find a practice test containing the same curriculum as my upcoming test, and complete it without notes. Then, I check my answers, and for the ones I get wrong, I crack open a textbook and work out each problem I got wrong and take notes on that particular subject until I thoroughly understand it.
Internet resources are always helpful if you need a test problem explained in a way that may make sense more than it would in a textbook.

Savannah from North Carolina
High School Senior
Davie County Early College High School