Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Though many generations before us would like to believe that we are not as hard working or dedicated to school as they were because we can simply look up an answer in Google, students today are just as committed to a valuable education as anyone in the past. We strive for excellence, and our access to technology and the internet has fostered our creativity and allowed us to make our own path and be as creative as we want. This creativity applies to every aspect in our lives, even studying for exams. Gone are the days where all students can do to prepare for tests is sit in the library, half asleep, with their head in a book. Now, students are given unlimited resources to study in any way that they please from colorful flashcards on their phone to catchy songs that never leave their heads. While everyone is different and learns in different ways, I personally have a unique but helpful way of preparing for a test. I believe that association can take you very far when it comes to remembering something. Mnemonic devises are very helpful for me to learn processes in math or science as I still remember to "Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally" when I solve an equation requiring the order of operations. When it comes to memorizing vocabulary, my process becomes a little more complicated but it works very well. Often when I need to memorize a list of words I take each one and associate it with something that it reminds me of, take the word bildungsroman, which is used to essentially describe a "coming of age" story, and while this word looks very confusing, when you break it down it makes sense, "build" represents a development and "roman" is old which reminds me that this word represents a person's coming of age. While this may seem complicated, it does indeed help me to remember things in the long run and this technique can be applied to memorize just about anything. Overall, everyone is different but I find that these techniques have made me a substantially better student.

Kaylee from Arizona
High School Senior
Boulder Creek High School