Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Having a major test can bring anxiety to anyone. The thoughts of failing or making mistakes can bring a load of unwanted stress upon yourself. Your test results will not bring you any relief if you don’t have a good study routine. Luckily there are some practices I have learned to help me deal with test anxiety and crush my tests.
The day before a test I accomplish several things to make sure I’m ready. The first thing I do is sit down and study for a little. I don’t try and cram every piece of information the day before a test. Just some light studying when I wake up and before I go to bed will suffice. After I’m done doing some light studying in the morning I love to exercise. I particularly love weight lifting and a bit of cardio but anyone can do what they prefer. Make sure you eat a good variety of meals the day before the test. Vegetables are a great food for the brain! Just relax and tell yourself you are going to rock the test!
Looking at my nightly routine before a test I like to do a few things. First, I whip out my phone and make sure my multiple alarms are set loud and annoying. I want to make sure I wake up on time and have time to get ready for the day. Secondly, making sure I get an adequate amount of sleep. I recommend 8 hours for the typical person but personally, my sweet spot for peak performance is between 7 and 7.5 hours. Depending on what time you need to wake up you can set a time to catch some z’s. The last thing I will do is some last-minute studying. I will only do this for about 45 minutes because I don’t want to overload my brain.
For the days or weeks before a test, I will make a schedule first. I stick to a study schedule that works for me and lock myself in my room. I will turn off my phone and make sure I have the perfect peaceful environment to work in. Taking breaks helps a lot. I recommend taking a 20 min break every hour. This seems to work best for me. Finding what works best for you using these few tips is vital.

Carter from Utah
High School Senior
Morgan High School