Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My favorite test taking strategy, and most efficient for that matter, is using flashcards. From the ability to play memory games to being just down right efficient, it’s no wonder why this study method is my go to. However, I like to think I take a different approach on flash cards. Instead of using flashcards to begin memorizing information, I like to use them as the last step in my study preparation. I begin my study process by writing down on paper the answers to all the questions in the study guide provided by my professor. I like to give in depth explanations on the study guide, as it gives me a general idea of what I know and how well I know it. I am a strong believer in the mind-body connection between physically writing down information and better storage of that information in your mind. Then I go through and highlight key parts of my answers that I know I will need to understand for the test. I convey all the highlighted information to the back of flashcards and write the topic on the front. While I write down the answers, I like to speak them out loud. After I finish the flashcards I go through the stack and quiz myself, separating them into piles based on whether or not I know them. For the ones I don’t know, I write down the answer with a pen and paper about three times in a row. 99% of the time, this method always helps me memorize them. Once I know all the answers, I mess around with the cards, sometimes laying them on the floor and flipping them over when I guess the answer. I often find it helpful to color code my flashcards based on what unit they are from. This helps me to mentally separate my knowledge so that it’s not all just thrown into my memory. Lastly, I do a quick study session before my exam. If there are a few topics I still need to work on I will take those cards with me to the exam, and review them right up until the professor begins the exam. With this method I have instilled my last test taking strategy- confidence!

Shea from New Mexico
College Freshman
Grand Canyon University