Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test preparation is more than just doing practice problems continuously. If you can do 2 test practices properly and study them, they will be much more effective than doing 6 test practices not properly. By "properly", I mean learning from your mistakes and evolving as you go. You can use the flashcards, study guides or any other source offered to you, but it won't be of no help if you don't "evolve". First, you practice and look at whatever you are weak at and study that first. I say that because you need to focus your 100% capacity energy on what you don't feel comfortable with. After that, don't ever skip what you feel comfortable with. You will not know if you are actually comfortable with something until you do it yourself. Additionally, space out your study sessions, so you don't get bored and can still keep your sanity. Lastly, don't study the night before the test. By the time the test comes, you should have already studied enough, so don't stress out and go to bed early the night before. You can't imagine how effective a good night sleep is on your attention span. Stress and anxiety is never the answer, so just chill out, and tell yourself that you have studied and you can't possibly do any better now, so your score is what it is. Good Luck!

Moataz from New Jersey
High School Senior
New Providence High School