Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Since a young age we are taught that the harder you work and the more you prepare, you will succeed. In school we are meant to study to have good grades and pass our tests. Throughout my time in school I learned that everyone has their own study skills that doesn't work for anyone else. There are certain situations that prevent us from having the same study habits as others. I grew up in a chaotic household. There was always things going in and it as never quiet. With also having to go to, two different homes every week, a steady study habit was hard to keep. There are other high schoolers like that. Ive learned how to study given my circumstances and they have managed to help me prosper in school like anyone else. we need time to study, unlike others studying during long period of tie may not work because there may be people coming in and out and quiet rarely occurs. So I learned that studying days in advance during short periods helps. The noise also helps my opinion, sometimes the noise is inevitable, but use it to your advantage, it can help during stressful tests. I've learned that even studying lats ,inure can help. The day before, the period before, or even the five minutes before the test. Th information is fresh in your head. But this mainly works when you have already notes. Always remember to take notes when studying. Use your own wording for everything. Create silly and fun notes or even acronyms, it helps your creative side. For me youtube and quizlet were also my best friends during studying. People out there are in the same position as us or has learned the same topic as us, they have quick recaps of everything. They can give a different type of explanation that can help us understand more than in the classroom. Quizlet helps with vocabulary and has questions of the topic you are studying for. My study habits work for those who like to take there time studying and those who study last minute. Don't forget to relax, take your time and don't stress.

Felicia from New York
High School Senior
Valley Central High School