Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I have two major strategies when it comes to preparing for a quiz or test. The first strategy I use is verbal and requires at least one other person. I give a friend or family member a packet of review questions, either provided by the class teacher or made by me. I then ask the other person to ask me questions from the packet in a random order so I can practice answer questions related to the material quickly. This strategy works the best for me for two reasons. I am always motivated to do better in front of friends and family because I do not want to embarrass myself. Secondly, I learn best by speaking, meaning I have always learned more by telling others about what I am learning. The second preparation strategy I use is far simpler and is used by almost every student. I simply skim or reread content I need to review. Rereading material keeps it fresh in my mind so I am able to recall information much more quickly and easily. In order to use this to my advantage, I usually read relevant material the night before and the day of a test so all the information is easier to call upon. When preparing for a test I use these two key strategies to make sure I am as ready as I possibly can be to do my best.

Cade from Iowa
High School Senior
Cascade High School