Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

As an aspiring marine biology major, I started to doubt myself after failing two biology tests in a row. I could not understand if the test itself was extremely difficult, or if my study strategy had to change. I tried a new strategy and did better on my next test, but came to find out the test was the easiest of them all. I began to realize ot all tests are easy, but is is up to the person studying that will determine the difficulty of the test. I believe I have found a study strategy that has worked the best for me, and maybe it will help someone else. To prepare for a test, I begin studying the day I learn the new material. I should have already taken notes during the class that I can refer to. I begin to rewrite my notes either next to my preexisting notes, or in a new notebook. I will then read then again to be sure I understand the material. After letting that information sit in my mind for a day or two, I begin to make flashcards. I have found that the traditional way to make flashcards does not work for me. Personally, I will create "fill-in-the-blank" flashcards so I will remember a phrase or specific detail, rather than a term with a vague definition or description. This will result in many flashcards to study, but at this point the set-up is done. From this point forward, I will study these flashcards, and reas through my notes again, almost every day until the test day. I have found that studying can become stressful if you are not understanding or remembering important information. To resolve this, I like to sit and relax while watching an information video about the subject. Hearing and seeing the information in a different way may help you to understand the information in a new perspective. When I started using the strategy to study, I began to receive much higher grades on my tests. I have referred and helped many people using this method and they have all had positive results. I believe people should try this method, and see how it may help you too

Emily from New York
College Sophomore
Monroe Community College