Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Throughout my years in high school, I have found many strategies that result in better results in examinations. My primary tool is teaching other people. Over the past four years, I have willfully reached out to teach and tutor my peers in the classes I am in. This process ends up working in a mutualistic fashion as both myself and my friends learn the material better. Explaining complicated equations or detailed events forces my brain to find simple ways to think about them. I get to look at the work through the lens of a teacher. This different perspective gives me a greater grasp on the subject in question. If I could give advice to any high school freshmen, I would say study groups work wonders. Most people excel in at least one subject. Forming a group of "experts", in certain fields, works wonders to benefit all of the students. This also makes studying less of a chore. Many people don't study because they fall into lulls of boredom. However, learning material with a group creates a relaxed environment where you can work together to ace examinations. So long as you stay on task, preparing for tests with other people is the key to success. Another way I have promoted my grades in secondary school is through starting early. Procrastination is one of the biggest curtails to success in school. I have found that looking over review sheets weeks in advance helps much more than cramming the night before. This is why I recommend dedicating at least 15 minutes to each class every night. This number will fluctuate based on workload but overall will result in success. Committing to set aside time will drive home material you have learned the previous days. You will gain a better understanding without the stress and late nights. I have employed both of these tools to find success in high school. I will continue to use them in college and whatever my future holds.

Jason from Texas
High School Senior
Rockwall Heath High School