Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My hand started to shake and my mind went blank. I couldn’t concentrate; it was only a spelling test, but I was overcome with the fear of failure and began to question everything I had studied. After class, Mr. Agasa, my fourth-grade teacher, explained that he had noticed my anxiety.
The anxiety that I have manifests itself especially during academic settings, due to this I had to create a method for me to understand and prepare in a way that would ensure I knew everything. I began by doing the study guide. I would go through and methodically solve every problem on the study guide. Once the study guide was finished I would go through and mark every problem that I did wrong or did not understand as well as I liked. The problems that I did not understand and got wrong I would ask my teacher about to try and understand better. After I asked my teacher and tried to learn the problems I would do the review again. I would do the review again while explaining every problem to a member of my family. I learn through explanation and being able to explain what I was thinking, helped me organize my thoughts better. After I had explained everything to a member of my family I would then look up extra practice problems and do those as well.
This system that I developed allowed me to be sure that I knew everything forwards and backwards. While it was time consuming it allowed me to go into tests with peace of mind knowing that I had prepared thoroughly and was ready for the test. This method that I had developed helped me control my anxiety and accurately transfer my knowledge to a testing situation. This method was my favorite test preparation practice.

Emerson from Colorado
High School Senior
ThunderRidge High School