Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Google in the 20th century. The tool we access to learn about anything we want to know from the palm of our hands. All during the 7th and 8th grade, Google would be my go-to resource. I didn’t learn how to study well during that time, and it reflected in my classes. I knew when starting my Freshman year of high school; I couldn’t continue this on. Assignment after assignment, pop up quizzes, weekly tests, all of which I already wasn’t strong in during 7th and 8th grade. The worst of it all was studying, my arch enemy. When a test came up, I always crammed, thinking it would let me remember everything since it’ll be fresh in my mind, wrong. Not having the right study skills made my grades still drop. I knew this couldn’t continue, so I made some adjustments.

First, I had to learn not to cram and feel overwhelmed. I started spitting up my work to review notes day by day. If a test was two weeks away, I knew I could use those days to my advantage. Doing this allowed me to review new content daily, then refresh my memory the night before the test. Not having to cram all the information made me score better on quizzes. Continuing with studying, I started to color code my notes more. Highlighting in yellow all the important people mentioned, highlighting in orange for vocabulary words, or highlighting in blue important dates. Splitting up my work and using colored notes allowed me to understand the content even more. On one night, I would focus on studying all the yellow highlighted words. The next night would be me focusing on vocabulary words and their definitions. The following night would be me connecting how the dates related to the subject and their significance.

Continuing to use my tips throughout high school allowed me to focus during my Senior Year. With the adjustments of my studying, I am pleased to say I received an A/B honor roll during 1st semester, which I have not done while attending my school since 7th grade. Studying has become my new go-to resource.

Jewel from Illinois
High School Senior
Lindblom Math and Science Academy