Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When studying for an exam it can be crucial to give myself plenty of time. With my program there are usually around five lectures to the unit, and with so many definitions and numbers to remember it can be challenging to do well and properly prepare. There are a few different ways I prepare for tests including note cards, study guides, and rewriting lecture notes.
I have the greatest outcome studying with classmates, it makes it a more enjoyable experience because we are able to bounce off ideas with each other and quiz ourselves using note cards. I've learned that starting a few days prior to the exam gives enough time to study each packet/ Typically on the first day I will go through the study guide and highlight areas I need to over again. Then will go through each packet, make note cards and rewrite notes. Finally the day prior I like to go through the study guide again and answer the questions independently. Me and my classmates when we study together we quiz each other questions from our lecture notes and that has proven to be successful as well.
Having the proper materials and mind set are what really helps me and it seems to be working because I have been doing well on my unit exams and feeling much more confident during the exam. With test preparation process I'm not left struggling on questions and feel confident in my answers.

Jessica from Minnesota
College Junior
University of MN- Twin Cities