Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

After taking the ACT a total of five times, with one of those happening during the seventh grade, I finished with a score of thirty five. I am often questioned on what tactics I used to tackle the ACT with and achieve such a high score. Although I never used formal test preparation, like study guides or tutors, I have always stuck with certain strategies to prepare myself for a test day. For the weeks leading up to a test I would use my past scores to locate exactly what subjects I needed to concentrate on and I would complete light studying to better myself in these areas. On the day before the test I would avoid using my phone, as it always causes issues to sleep schedule, and stick to reading. However, I was careful to choose a book I could finish during that day so that I was not pondering the plot during the test. I also placed an intense importance on achieving a strong nights rest before the test and would begin preparing to go to sleep at around eight. The final piece of my test preparation practices included arising at six in the morning of the day of the test; eating a light breakfast; and ensuring I had my calculator, snacks, entrance ticket, and identification card in order. While traveling to the testing location, I would listen to a playlist of songs that I believed provided me with positive luck, but I was always careful to let the final song play all the way through to ensure it would not be stuck in my head while testing. Although I do not utilize formal test preparations, I have created my own pretest day practices that I truly believe provided me with necessary confidence to achieve a strong score on the ACT.

Alexis from Tennessee
High School Senior
Blackman High School