Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When I am studying for my Occupational Therapy classes I need to make sure I am starting to study as soon as I receive the information. The program I am in is very intense so I need to make sure I am always on top of my studies. To make sure I am prepared I will begin by rewriting all of my notes right after class. This way the information stays fresh in my mind. Then throughout the week I will go back and condense my notes into shorter topics. While I am doing this, I will use colored pens to color-code information so it will help myself to stay focused. This also helps me to organize information based on how difficult I believe it is. When exams start coming up I will then use flashcards to study the content. I think flashcards work best for myself when studying so I can sort difficult information into piles that I need to work on. I am more of a visual and hands-on learner so these techniques help me immensely when studying. It keeps me focused and engaged while studying for my classes. I also like to create mini quizzes and tests for myself to see where I am at with the information. I will go through my power points and notes so I can pull out topics I think are very important. Professors at my college have taken advantage of the internet to help students’ study. For example, some professors have created quizzes on the website Kahoot to give students examples of exam questions they could use. Also, professors have recommended using Quizlet for studying. This website has helped me greatly throughout every class I have been involved in. I always use Quizlet as my last studying technique to make sure I feel comfortable right before the exam. I believe these are the best techniques to study to ensure the information will stick.

Ashley from New York
College Junior
D'Youville College