Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test preparation practices are equally as essential to a student's studying habits when it comes to academic success. Just like sports, stretching and warming up is a significant step in prior to working out and practicing. Test preparations are like the "stretches" to preparing a student's mental state for examinations. The basis of hard work being reciprocated with satisfying results is led by a strong test preparation and consistent studying habits.
The most well known test preparations like getting a good night's rest, eating a healthy breakfast, and arriving early on test day is highly recommended and tips you should definitely follow; however, I want to share tips that are not commonly expressed. As for me, I get easily distracted by phone, with notifications and tempting apps. The easiest solution is, of course, to put it on silent mode or somewhere out of sight; instead, I like to call or face-time my sister so my phone is occupied and she will keep me on track when needed. Right before bed, I would skim through all the notes/contents related to the test. Prior to testing, I would wake myself up by taking a longer route to walk/jog to class to get my blood flowing to the brain in order to showcase my maximum potential.
Every student has their individual way of studying and as the saying goes, "there's a method to my madness." Every year, I seem to have a different way of studying based on taking different courses. I am a visual learner, so my basic studying habits tend to be reading over class notes or watching a crash course video about the particular topic. In my more rigorous classes, I prefer in-class review activities, like matching concepts/terms and drawing graphics to organize/disperse all the information into categories. As for my AP courses, College Board has reliable and easily accessible resources on their AP site. In addition, I would purchase from REA's Crash Course series and annotate the book about a month prior to taking the national exam.

Anna from Tennessee
High School Senior
West Creek High School