Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I prepare for tests ahead of time, before they are even announced. Whenever I am given new material, I create my own set of notes on a Google docs that simplifies it to an easier understanding. I do this for each lesson. Then when the assessment date is announced, I just look back at my notes and review. This is the strategy I’ve used for my math classes during High School. My notes benefit me a lot, especially when it comes to reviewing for quarter exams, midterms, and finals. Since I do this for my math classes, I use the drawing tool in Google docs to write out the equations and enter symbols that aren’t available on the keyboard. I use color coordination to make it easier to identify methods. The next lesson usually repeats a method I’ve learned from the previous lesson with a twist. I highlight similar lessons with the same color. This helps me identify which methods to use for similar problems that contain a slight change. It also reduces the chance for confusion when it is time to review. For math, they’re usually twelve chapters, which means I create twelve Google documents. All my notes are in Google docs, and I usually use up to a hundred pages. If I want to look back at a specific lesson, but don’t remember which chapter it is from. I can just hit “command” and “f” on my keyboard and search for keywords there. This saves me time and helps me find information quickly. Another way I can also search for a specific lesson is on Google drive’s homepage. That way, I won’t be wasting time reading through a hundred pages of each document.

Kevin from Virginia
High School Senior