Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

One of my favorite ways to study is by creating an info-graphic. A few days before a big test I will start by reviewing the chapter or unit's main concepts. I take notes on these and clarify any that are confusing. Then I arrange them into an info-graphic that I can continue to refer to each day until the test. This helps me take material from a written to a visual format that really helps me retain information, as a visual learner. This is a strategy I have been employing since middle school that has always yielded me great results. During a test I am able to recall the color and placement of different pieces of information from my info-graphic much easier than I can remember facts that I only read. It works as a creative outlet for me to use some of my graphic design skills and helps to make studying more enjoyable and more efficient. I recommend this technique to many students that I tutor who are visual learners--and it seems to work for them too! I'm glad one of my teachers taught me this study approach and that I can share with others what has been successful for me. I'm sure it's a technique I'll continue to utilize for the rest of my school career!

Alyssa from Idaho
High School Senior
Thunder Ridge High School