Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When I have something I need to study whether it be equations, I like to bring everything together from my notes that I had hopefully taken and I start creating a checklist. I check off the problems and/or terms I can speak the answer out to out loud by heart. After about two rounds of doing this I then keep my focus on the things I don't necessarily remember or know. I will repeat each unknown at least three times each. After focusing on one thing for three times, I move on to the next. After this I start from the top again, If I can't remember the answer after this repetition exercise I will let it stay on the list of things I do not know, and checking off the things I'm starting to remember. I try to do this again right before a test so most of the things are still fresh in my head and I will know more of the things by heart and only have to focus on a couple of terns to think about.

Nakia from Maryland
High School Senior
albert einstein high school