Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My test preparation practices are fairly standard, but they help me greatly. I have always been a strong believer that the best preparation is taking care of yourself. While staying up all night studying may seem effective, getting adequate sleep has proven most beneficial to me. I have taken tests where I have been running on little to no sleep due to all-night studying, and the results have been less than great compared to when I have given myself the chance to get good sleep.
I have also found that completing study guides that my teachers provide is an incredibly efficient method of studying. It lets me know best what material will be on the test and what areas I need the most work on. If one isn't provided, creating my own using all of the material we've studied proves efficient, as it works relatively the same way. It helps me understand and comprehend the depth of the material in a more critical manner than if I don't use a study guide, and it enables me to remember material from early on in the unit. I really only started focusing on study guides this year, and my test scores have improved significantly with their use.
Lastly, I find that taking my time with studying helps. When I cram all of my studying into one day before the test, I find that my brain gets overworked and I actually end up forgetting a lot of what I've learned. Spreading my studying out, however, helps me remember the content better and gives my brain a chance to condition itself to the material, much like conditioning my muscles when I work out. I see better results when I don't strain my brain but take my time instead.

Alesa from Colorado
High School Senior
South High School