Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

There are many ways to prepare for tests and an individual can devise any method depending on what works best for them. What is key and common to all is preparation.
I usually start off by taking small notes on each topic; the point of taking down these notes is to summarize concepts and facts which may be harder to understand when written about fully. The easiest way to take down these notes is by picking out the key words and using them to explain the concept in your own words, the use of anagrams and recitation help make sure I understand what I am writing. When I study these notes I expand on them and relate them to related concepts.
Once I’m done reading my notes I turn to my textbooks. My textbooks serve as a reference and as a second opinion on whatever topic I’m studying, this prepares me because I become more familiar with different words and terminologies this way I don’t get confused when I see unfamiliar words from what I previously studied while writing a test. A textbook is also good for additional information because it touches more key areas than a teacher would while in class.
The moment I feel I understand the topic I get comfortable enough to try some practice questions. What this does is prepare me for possible questions that could come out in my test and how well I can answer them, this helps me because I’m allowed to mistakes that won’t affect me and I’ll be able to correct them immediately. By the time I write my test I will see a lot of the same questions I previously answered which will the make the test less threatening and easier to pass.
Another thing I do before these tests is I go to the people who can relate to me the most, my classmates. It’s not possible for me to have all the information I need before a test because I may miss a few things so I can learn a few more important things just by asking the most approachable people.
I am quite a religious person so the last thing I do before a test is pray for God to bless all my efforts.

Oluwatimilehin from Georgia
College Freshman
Virginia Tech