Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The following steps are great preparations for tests because they are simple and easy to follow. A good sleeping habit will enhance productivity and health. Falling asleep is easier during the weeks before the exam. The brain responds better when the body is well rested, it is easier to remember what you study. Study every day after class for 30 min. it is easier to study and memorize the material slowly. Studying the material in huge bulks could cause you to not retain the material being learned. Also, reading important parts of books or notes. Reading at least every now and then daily will help retain the most important contents of a book. And gained a above average understanding of the material or in some cases formulas. A couple of classes posses formulas and words that are specific for what you are studying. In order to memorize these formulas and words you must writhe them down. The best method I have found is to writhe them in flashcards and recite them before sleeping. I do this because before sleeping I do not have any interruptions. However, I do not try to memorize everything what I do is memorize key words that will tell me the meaning of the word. Such as the types of theater I memorized them by their shapes and types of play. Not all plays can be done in the same type of theater a lot of them require a specif stage. Some plays are made for the public and some are made for a private audience. Each theater gives a different feeling. Meanwhile, formulas used in math and economics is going to different but they follow the same foundation. As long as you understand basic algebra doing the math in economics will be easier. It is all about reading the formulas and practicing different exercises everyday. Constant practice enables me to memorize the process quickly whiteout stress. Lastly, notes are as good as you take them, so it is important to ask a classmate or professor to see you're notes. Making sure the notes are good ensures that I study properly.

Victoria from Texas
College Junior
West Texas A&M University