Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When applying to colleges, I had to improve my test preparation practices to new heights. Colleges stressed the importance of the SAT/ACT scores and the way you study for them will greatly affect which college you attend. I learned how to prioritize my time and take breaks from my studies to practice for the SAT. I learned how essential it was to set aside time each week to really focused in on SAT topics. I remember the various practices tests I would schedule in my room for hours. I am proud to say those long hours definitely paid off. I learned the importance organization pays in preparing for a test as big as the SAT. You cannot jump around from subject to subject; instead, you have to zero in on one subject until it is mastered so you can move on to something else. My preparation for the SAT has carried over into my college studies as well. I am discipled in my classes and will get my work done before play. I have greatly benefited from this studying foundation I had set for myself early on, and I know this will carry on for years to come.

Darby from Georgia
College Sophomore
University of Georgia