Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I'm not that great of a test taker, but I do try to study hard before the test date. Usually, I would review the textbook on chapters that the teacher says will be on the test. That way, as the teacher puts it, "there will be no surprises because you already learned it!" Also, only some teachers do this, and I love them for it. They give out study guides, and sometimes what is covered on the test is on the study guide. I also try to consult with students that have already taken the test, just to see what is covered, NOT FOR ANSWERS. I generally just ask them if this certain topic was on the test, and they would either answer yes or no. I feel like the study guides are the best way to study for me because they have most of the test content on that paper, and all you have to do is just memorize. However, there are some teachers that give out study guides, and the content on that paper is not even similar to what is on the test.

Kaleb from California
High School Senior
Cerritos High