Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When I study for tests I first identify keywords and highlight them. I also like to listen to flashcard audio to learn information, while I am multitasking or doing other things. I think it is great to find practice tests, but the ones that are more focused and have great reviews are the ones you should be using to prepare for tests because some practice tests have questions that are a waste of time and do not have the same level as the test you are preparing for. It is important to find a practice book which has the same level as you are preparing for. It is also good to overestimate the test you are preparing for instead of underestimating the level and easiness. This will help you increase your accuracy as you take a test. I also think that creating an agenda is the most important thing before taking a test. An agenda will help you organize and structure your day according to specific time frames which would increase your efficiency. Another important preparation technique for taking tests is to answer questions. When you answer who, what, when, how and why questions this will help you think in a systematic way when you answer questions. I believe most tests have incorporated these thinking questions when they created the test. This allows you to think better before you prepare for a test, so it has helped me improve my thinking and that is why it has worked for me. I also believe that test preparation is nothing without practice and consistency. If you are not consistent, it does not matter how many hours you put in to learn the information, you will forget some key aspects or components. Therefore, I believe the most important preparation for a test is taking it slow like the the turtle because as the saying goes it is always the "slow and steady that win the race." So, the most important test preparation practice above all the ones I have listed so far is to take your time, be slow and steady as possible. These words are true as slow and steady always win.

Isabelle from California
High School Senior
Reseda Senior Charter High School