Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I have a handful of ways I am able to study. First, I like to read on the subject relevant, then I like to go back and make flashcards. While I am writing the flashcards I like to try and answer the question on it to see if what I previously read had been retained in my memory. If I do answer correctly they will go in their own pile known as the well known pile. I will continue to do this with each flashcard and putting them in their designated piles based on how well I know them. My second study technique is a bit different and it comes from my previous job as a substitute teacher. It is also the best way I have found to study. I noticed when I had to present the class with their lecture that I would retain that information whether I wanted to or not because I had to repeat myself or find my own way of explaining it. Therefore, I integrated that into my study techniques and if I have someone willing to listen I can "teach" what I have to study. My other study technique is to redraw what I have to study. This technique works well in the Anatomy aspect of my schooling since we are studying the body. I am able to draw and label body parts. This helps me memorize what something, such as a bone looks like and it becomes engraved in my memory. It also helps me focus extremely well sitting there drawing what I need to study.

Kaiya from Missouri
College Freshman
Concorde Career College