Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Standardized tests nowadays are not only a test of knowledge but also of test taking strategies. Yes it is important to study the material and go over what the test entails multiple times to get it engraved in memory; however, these tests also test mental ability not education wise. A student must be able to sit through a 5-6 hour test keeping focus and staying on track. When talking to many of my friends who also take these tests, the problem is not the material but the marathon that your brain has to run throughout the test. Rather than more strategies based on the material, there needs to be more strategies to help students endure and prepare for the long test. When I get ready for a test I schedule, plan, and meditate. The first time I took the ACT my sophomore year I was very thrown off by how long and stressful the test was. I didn’t finish and I did not get the score that I wanted. While preparing for my second go, I used strategies to help me calm my nerves and mentally prepare me for my test. Meditation and overall knowledge of the test mixed with the right nutrition made the difference for me and if other students were more aware of these I believe they would do much better. I grew my act four points to a 28, finishing most of the test and feeling great about it. I hope you take my ideas into consideration and I thank you for your time.

Torin from Wyoming
High School Senior
Kelly Walsh