Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

A great way I prepare for a test is to study the content a little bit each night a few days before the test instead of cramming for hours the night before. I've found that this way of test preparation has helped me remember the information needed to do well on a test. Another great test preparation practice is one I learned in my AP Psychology class that helps fight against the serial-position effect. The serial-position effect is where people have the tendency to best recall the first and last terms in a list. My psychology teacher always told us to mix up our flashcards so we didn't just remember the first and last few cards, and I've been doing that ever since we learned about the serial-position effect. On top of these two helpful study habits, it's also important for me to get a good nights rest to do the best I can on the test I'm taking that next morning. These test preparation practices have allowed me to succeed on my tests throughout high school and will hopefully do the same for me in college next year,

Morgan from Texas
High School Senior
Byron Nelson High School