Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Studying for test can be a hassle if you lack the necessary skills to keep you engage. For me, studying has been something that I put off because I haven’t really felt like it would even help me out if I needed it. When I looked for studying programs, most of the programs either cost a lot of money or were inaccessible to me, and as a student in college, I lack the financial stability to use or even think of buying the program. That was until I found quizlet.

Quizlet was a free online program that provided flash cards of questions in any subject area that I needed and helped me receive the general knowledge and information. After using the program, I was able to pass multiple test like the SAT and other standardized testing. I used quizlet before my AP United States History year and passed the test with a 4.

When practicing for test using quizlet, I would review the questions and try to the best of my knowledge to answer them without reviewing my vocabulary first to see where I need to grow and focus around. After reviewing each question, I would then go and review the vocabulary and continue to review until each vocabulary word was remembered. And finally I would go and try to answer the questions again. I would continue this method all the way until the day before an exam, leaving myself to rest the night before. I also found that chewing gum of the America’s flavor while studying and taking an exam helps with retaining information. I chew it while studying and chew the same type of g while taking the test. I passed multiple test like that and I still practice this method as well.

These studying habits have helped me throughout most of my high school career and I will continue to practice it for college. I hope I am considered for your award and will feel elated to hear from you. Enjoy your day and stay safe.

Shae from New Jersey
College Freshman
Rutgers University-Newark