Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Studying, it’s a lot easier than you think, my trick is to use a lot of calendars. I usually use around three calendars, I have one in front of my computer, a whiteboard calendar on my bedroom wall, and a portable notebook calendar to bring with me to my classes. I also always have notes set up in my PC, this helps to keep a schedule that you can easily open at any time.
Find an app for your laptop where you can organize different sections. You can transfer over information from the class syllabi, and add in checkmark boxes next to the listed information with due dates for each class. Having everything organized to that extent may seem excessive, but it’s not very time consuming at all. Once everything is written in, you really won’t ever have to change much. Taking the time out in the very beginning to get organized will save you more time in the long run.
Now that you’re organized, you can prepare for tests in order of your schedule. Good study habits are well thought out and having an understanding of how you learn can make a huge difference. For example, I’m more of a visual and hands-on learner. Which means flashcards, organized notes, and tutoring labs work best for me. After studying, create online games or book quizzes to test yourself. This makes it more enjoyable, and you’re less likely to cram information this way. Cramming is never a good idea, you’ll most likely forget what you studied.
Something that works well is having a flashcard or quiz app on your phone, where you can make yourself personalized quizzes. This allows you to bring your studying with you wherever you go. Doing things like this makes studying more convenient to fit in with your schedule, and makes studying easier. Another great habit is using class recordings. Get your professor’s permission to record the lesson, this way you can go back and listen to it again. This way you can make better notes and have new reference points. Relax, and don't make studying harder than it needs to be

Danica from Pennsylvania
College Sophomore
Northampton Community College