Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My name is Iyonia Redmond, a senior at Clarence High School. When preparing for a big test or exam I use various methods to help me study. Depending on the subject of the test some methods are easier than others. Methods such as: practice test, making connections, change of scenery, and active recall. With these methods it allows for me to be mentally prepared for the big day.

My first result for studying is a change of scenery. I often go to the library, Starbucks, outside, or anywhere quiet. For me, when I change my surroundings it gives me a better sense of focus. I am able to work and study without the interruptions from my younger siblings or my mom. I even find myself studying longer, while covering more course work.

Active recall would be my next resort for studying methods. I personally love this one above all the others. With active recall you close your book and recite everything you remember up to that point. This method helps with your long-term memorization skills, preparing you for test day. I find that this study resource helps me figure out what I’m not prepared for.

Another option for me is making and taking practice tests. I specifically use this method for math but, sometimes I use it for other subjects as well. This allows me to take tests that give me the feel for the real deal. Also, it lets me know if I actually know the material I studied. This method as well as Active recall, plays hand in hand with one another. Both assisting with what I need to study.

Last but not least, I enjoy making connections. When I study I think of acronyms and ways to remember the information. This allows for me to relate to these things during the test when I don’t have materials in front of me. Also, with this method I feel it makes your brain work even harder. Your brain is working by trying to recite information as well as relating different things.

Through all the good habits I learned NOT to procrastinate, it only leads to more stress.

Iyonia from New York
High School Senior
Clarence High School