Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The best way to prepare for a test is to always prepare for a test, even if you do not have one. Doing all the assigned home works will give you the practice you need to be able to have the confidence needed to solve the problems quickly and efficiently, and more often than not a lot of the materials on tests come from the home work. Note-taking is also extremely important because that influences how you are able to review the class content outside of class. The best way to take notes is to do them on your own in class first and to color code them. This helps with being able to recall and organize information for later use. After class, preferably that same day, rewrite them while comparing them to what you are reading in your text book or another students notes if possible. This helps to ensure that you have a thorough understanding of the topics covered and it will be much easier to make these cognitive connections on test day if you have trained yourself to do it before. Lastly, it is incredibly helpful to participate in study groups as your peers may bring to light things you may not have noticed or help explain things to you in a more comprehensive fashion. It also helps you to teach other students the material because that ensures your own understanding of it. You want to learn something well enough to be able to teach it to someone else. The absolute most important aspect of test preparation however, is moderation. If you maintain and spread out these habits through out the week and duration of the course it will be much easier and less stressful to when reviewing for the test, and you wont have to review as in depth as you normally would without these practices. Stress can severely affect your test performance as it can make you anxious, or prevent you from recalling certain information. So, do the home work, take your notes, study with others, organize your time and relax. They say those who prepare do not need luck and those who didn't don'ts deserve it.

Lorraine from Florida
High School Senior