Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

To begin for preparing for a test I will have well written notes. My notes will consist of what the test is about and the main topics and supporting details and if my teacher states anything important. Then I will divide my notes into sections and test myself with questions that I have also formed based on the main topics. I will create a schedule, where I will have my testing session spaced out between the time I start studying and the test. It is recommended to start two weeks before your test, so I will start scheduling testing periods two weeks ahead of time. I will have them spaced out evenly so I don't get overwhelmed. Once I have tested myself, I will work with someone else in my class and test myself that way. The night before the test, I will make sure to get a good amount and well sleep. The morning of I will make sure to eat a decent breakfast and look over and questions.

Hannah from Wisconsin
College Freshman
Carroll University