Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Ever since my sophomore year in high school I have been using the study strategy of creating to do lists. I got an app called WeDo and I would attribute much of my success to it. A very simple app, all it does is putting in your to dos and then you click done when you are finished. There were multiple things I found very helpful. The first was that I can organize my life way easier. The amazing thing about having your whole life organized in essentially one little box is that all those big things that you have to do seem a little less scary. Along with this each thing I had to do got less scary because I could do them one at a time instead of all at once. It's also very nice to have it on your phone. Phones are built for stimulation. Apps can take advantage of this for good instead of making time wasting holes. I think the biggest thing WeDo did for me was create habits. WeDo made habits simple. At any given point I knew the number of things I had to do. As I took each one off the list, a little pressure got lifted off my shoulders and I even wanted to take things off the list for the feeling. Instead of being forced into a learning habit I made my own. That little gratification clicking done is all my brain needs. Over three years of school I have completed 2089 homework assignments. I can promise you that if you told me to do 2089 homework assignments I would be overwhelmed and feel very hopeless. However, if you told me I had three things to do, I would do the three things, then the next three until I got to 2089. Giving kids better studying habits can be much easier. Making it as simple as doing one task after the next makes it more comfortable. This is the mindset that has led to my success in school. I valued time and created great study habits. Each step felt like I was achieving something and now looking back at what I've done and seeing how excited I am for the next part of my educational Journey, I am so proud of what I did over four years.

Micah from Colorado
High School Senior
Boulder High School